FAQ's  - Are you looking for a house for rent? or an apartment? 

Q & A

Q: I want to buy a house what do I do to start the process?


​A: I work with professional credit repair agent and also loan officers that will make the process easy!

Q:  Is there a FEE for your services when looking for an apartment?

A:  There is no charge to you.  The complex pays me.

Q:  Do you help with families that are moving into san antonio texas?

A:  Yes I can as long as the individual who is applying is tranferring jobs or has new employment set up already in San Antonio.

Q:  I only have a visa and passport or Id from my country can you help?

A:  Yes I can as long they have current up to date information and dates are not expired.

Q:  If I refer someone to you do you give referral fees?

A:  Yes, when the client is approved and moves in to new apartment or house.

Q: When is the best time to move?

A: If possible I would start the process 4 weeks to 6 weeks ahead of time. I can let you know the requirements.

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